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What Are The Sound-absorbing Material Selection Techniques?

Dec 23, 2016

For the sound-absorbing Board for the industry now have no new industry, new derivative products continues product, features major businesses continue to increase advertising, commercial production industry now intertwined, making many consumers do not know how to choose the appropriate sound-absorbing materials, to share with you today:

Sound-absorbing Board-the first is the sound absorption coefficient, which is you need acoustic requirements. Sucking sound material on incident sound can of reflection is small, this means with sound can easy into and through this material; can imagine, this material of material should is more hole, and loose and breathable of, this is model of more hole sex sucking sound material, it in process Shang usually is with fiber-like, and particles-like or sent bubble material to formed more hole sex layout; polyester fiber sucking sound board is this class products of representative, it of layout characteristics is: material guessed has large of, and mutual understanding of, and from table to in of micro-hole, also that has certainly of breathable sex. When a sound wave is incident to the porous material looks, micro-holes in the atmosphere caused by vibration, due to friction and viscous drag of the atmosphere and the role of heat conduction, a sound energy into heat and sound-absorbing effect.

Followed by credential environment options:

Humid area, water area, and sweat more venues (basketball arena)-mildew-proof exterior rain, whether swimming pools-and moisture-proof, waterproof outdoor glass houses-Sun color, cracking the engine room – high temperature

Sports Centre activities impacting on the inside – distortion prevention

Credential venues cost-the cost factor, and stiffness requirements of distance transport-and fire safety requirements.

Staples-the construction is convenient or not. Cutting? Rehousing? Earth bonding fillet?

Small space--environmental protection, has released gases?

Nice factor. Dengke order invention has less area, replenishment, twice purchased sheet color (usually under batch difference due to plate, making time difference setting temperature difference of equipment deployment, coating batches are not unified in appearance such as EES city there is chromatic aberration), and color are not so big, there are no measures to stop probably reducing the negative effects of chromatic aberration.