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The Listening Room With Sound-absorbing Material Is Better?

Dec 23, 2016

The listening room is a special place, because there is no interference by outside noise, so the particularly demanding of sound-absorbing materials, which will introduce a few sound-absorbing material on the listening room:

Forms a lot about sound absorbing characteristics of materials, parameters have a great discrepancy. Material production process, even with the name of the material, micro-porous structure will differ. Or sample is different, the result will be different, but to use them as a basis. Material must be fully taken into account. It is necessary to understand the sound absorption characteristics of materials.

Long reverberation time of rooms for stereo and multi-channel sound field sound like positioning the film today, and to strengthen the sound absorption. Single room structure, material, size and problems, there will be a standing wave or frequency of strong reverb. Then it should use a professional sound-absorbing materials and designed to solve. Sound use of sound-absorbing materials of porous sound-absorbing material, plate-like sound-absorbing materials and resonance speaker three categories.

Sound absorption of porous sound-absorbing material principle when the vibration of air in and out from the narrow hole, and its own friction of air molecules and materials, the sound energy into heat, consume. Sonic molecules move faster, consume more, so this kind of material on the high frequency sound absorption ability. In addition, porous material behind the air layer also has a sound-absorbing effect, and pay attention to, especially the 1/4 wavelength frequencies of sound, sound-absorbing more, spacing, 1/4 long wavelength, low frequency sound is absorbed. Sound-absorbing porous materials such as wall cloth directly on the wall, is a big problem in the sound room. Real sound-absorbing effect is small, but absorbed the treble, and poor frequency response. Curtains fully open position, less wrinkles can make the sound more evenly and fully. Sound-absorbing capability relies on the plate vibrations caused by sound wave compression, plates of molecular friction and energy consumption, achieve the purpose of sound absorption. When you're constantly bending a PIN until broken, cracks will be very hot to the touch, that's consumed the bending energy into heat energy. Constantly bending and springback of plate with acoustic vibration as it is also part of sound energy absorbed.