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Soundproofing Vig Vacuum Glass For Decorative Plexiglass Sheets

Feb 24, 2017

Vacuum Glass, Window Glass, Building Glass manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Soundproofing Vig Vacuum Glass for Decorative Plexiglass Sheets.

1. Main parameters by product type:4TL-4mm thick tempered Low-E glass;4T-4mm thick

tempered clear float glass;0.3V-0.3mm thickness of vacuum space;12A-12mm thickness of air


2.Data in the table are calculated in Window 7 based on ISO9050 & ASHRAE standards;

Parameter error:Light properties ±2%;U-values±0.1W/m2·K;The data displayed above are for

reference only. The values for a specific product may vary and need be recalculated.

Suzhou Kingbeatles Acoustics Technology Co.,Ltd (KAT)With deep cooperation with colleges, KAT has provided products, solutions and overall constructions in allover China and the customers from Korea, Japan, EU, Australia and North America.

The superior technology and product is polyester High Density Fiber (HDF) series, Acoustics Panels , Ornaments and Soundproofing , including panel and its further processed derivatives.

More information on Soundproofinghttp://www.fireproofmaterialchina.com/soundproofing/