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Soundproofing To Ensure That The Private Space Is Not Disturbed

Aug 16, 2017

Noise pollution is also one of the most common pollution in our daily life, and it also seriously affects our daily quality of life. How to buy some of the more effective Soundproofing materials, the following came to you one by one about how to buy Soundproofing doors and windows, so you have a quiet living environment.

1, the selection of window frames

At present, developers generally use aluminum alloy, but the aluminum alloy is a single cavity, and the wall is relatively thin sound easy to penetrate. Compared to the multi-cavity of the steel profile, and the wall is thicker than the aluminum alloy. The sound is less likely to penetrate from the profile.

2, the choice of Soundproofing

Wool Soundproofing strips with a long time easy to hair removal, and rubber with a long time after the sun and rain the capacity of hardening aging. Imported Soundproofing is wrapped around the cortex material. Which is the choice of sound-absorbing cotton. So that is to maintain toughness is not easy to aging. Very good to ensure that the window frame leakage point of the seal.

3, the choice of soundproof glass

Now in the market are mainly insulating glass, laminated glass, there is a vacuum glass. Vacuum glass vacuum can not use the principle of the sound, for a variety of frequency noise. After installation can be reduced noise 30-40 dB. High floor, such as more than 20 layers and no trains near, large trailers, etc. can be considered to choose hollow glass or laminated glass, the sound effect is almost the same.

4, after the installation of the border around the seal

When you do the noise window, you can not do it as big as the window. So do not let go. So the number of window frames around will leave some small gap. So after the installation must use glass glue around the window stick well. Surrounded by the seal seems simple, but still find a professional master to do to be very perfect.

5, the placement of furniture

Put the cupboard on the wall facing the noise source, so that the noise generated by the resonance of the wall will go through the cabinet when entering the room.

Furniture is best to use some wooden, wooden furniture generally have a certain sound absorption function.

6, interior decoration collaboration

In the interior shop some carpets, especially thick carpet sound effect is very strong; hanging on the wall what some decoration, so that you can let the sound

Sound in this different direction of reflection, echo also less.

7, to reduce wall resonance

For newly renovated families can consider putting the floor overhead (similar to Japanese tatami). This can effectively isolate the ground from the wall resonance.

Can be padded under the foot of the rubber pad, so that you can reduce the resonance caused by passing vehicles, which is a good way to Soundproofing.