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Soundproofing Play The Role Of Noise Isolation

May 24, 2017

Room sound insulation material is mainly to play the role of noise, there are many owners of friends to reflect their own new homes, although the noise has been done, but the sound insulation is still not ideal, this is actually with the quality of indoor noise material has a great relationship. Here we introduce on the indoor noise material purchase method and its precautions.

What are the indoor sound insulation materials?

● Sound insulation felt

Sound insulation mat is the better sound insulation of the room on the market today. Mainly used with gypsum board for wall noise and ceiling noise, but also used in pipes, mechanical equipment, noise and damping vibration. Sound insulation is not felt, in appearance is completely different, blankets light and soft, and the sound insulation is very thin felt.

Sound insulation from tasteless EPDM rubber and a dozen organic minerals in accordance with a certain percentage of refined, the product is black, no smell of environmental protection,Soundproofing low frequency and high frequency sound are quite a good sound insulation material, can effectively inhibit the various Vibration of the transmission, the thickness of the material 1mm, 2mm, 3mm range, by the National Building Materials Bureau detection,Soundproofing the discretion of the volume of Rw were 23dB, 27dB, 30dB, the flexibility of the material is also very good, you can bend, Construction is very convenient and fireproof soundproof material.

Sound insulation has the following advantages:

1. material light, ultra-thin

2. Soft, high tensile strength;

3. Environmental protection, does not cause pollution to the environment;

4. inhibit the propagation of low-frequency sound waves; excellent flame retardant performance;

5. Construction convenience.

● Polyester fiber sound absorption board

It is an ideal indoor sound insulation material. 100% of its raw materials polyester fiber, with sound absorption, environmental protection, fire, heat insulation, moisture, mildew, easy dust, easy cutting, can be parquet, construction is simple, good stability, good impact resistance, independent Good quality, cost-effective advantages, there are a variety of colors to choose from, to meet the different styles and levels of sound-absorbing decorative needs. Mainly used in theaters, concert halls, museums, exhibition halls,Soundproofing library, interrogation room, gallery, auction hall, gymnasium, lecture hall, multi-purpose hall, hotel lobby, hospital, shopping mall, school, piano room, conference room, studio , Recording room, KTV rooms, bars, industrial plants, room,Soundproofing home noise reduction and other requirements on the higher acoustic environment and high-end decoration of the place.

● crest sound-absorbing sponge

The crest of the crest sound-absorbing sponge is a kind of sponge which is specially formed by the equipment to form a concave and convex wave shape. The interior is filled with fine voids and semi-open structure, which can absorb the sound energy of the incoming sound and attenuate the sound waves ,Soundproofing Reduce the indoor reflection of the interference and reverberation, improve the sound purity. Performance characteristics are:

1, high sound absorption rate

2, good insulation

3, flame retardant B1 level

4, compact structure, shape and stability

5, the weight is very light, safe and convenient construction

6, harmless to the human body, no pollution to the environment, no smell

7, water, flooding after drainage strong, sound-absorbing performance does not decline, the same shape

8, can be used twice, easy to destroy, no secondary pollution to the environment