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Soundproofing Improve People's Energy And Activity Energy

Jul 07, 2017

When you do interior decoration, you can choose a variety of cut off, what is your favorite? Brick cement Needless to say, rugged Soundproofing is good, but the construction period is slightly longer, you want to re-transformation is a big project. The calcium silicate board, gypsum board, wood also have their own advantages and disadvantages, fire, moisture, noise, texture, the price had to think carefully. But the above said several kinds of materials have to go to a professional designer and technician to design and construction, if you want to play yourself really a little difficult.

By the British designer after three years, fifteen version of the type of development, and finally launched this section called the creative cut off materials. The most important feature of the material is modular, all the stent and partition assembly tasks are all to the user, we can use these materials to free to play, want to how much, how long and more flat all get their own The

Skeleton made of ABS, taking into account the hardness and light characteristics, and the price is also relatively close to the people. Has a wonderful curve of the triangular partition is made of hemp and other recycled fiber, weight, of course, is also very light, and stiff in a little soft texture of the material is most suitable for noise, in fact, this is also designed for the main purpose one.

As long as the first use of the size of the required size of the skeleton, and then a piece of the partition is anti-installed, they can be used to separate the space, while achieving the effect of noise. To the recovery of fiber made of the partition can be attached to the skeleton above, even if the wall has a turning point can obediently obedient, so that users can arbitrarily transform their own shape.

Soundproofing Note: the wall can not be too smooth

Smooth wall not only looks good, but also at home when children and old people fall, reduce bumps. But the smooth wall sound-absorbing effect is poor, and easy to reflect the noise, resulting in secondary noise pollution at home. If you want to take into account the two advantages, you can in the head of the height of the walls will be applied to the rough spots.

Soundproofing decoration Note: furniture with wood

The sound-absorbing effect of the wood is better than that of the cement board, and the ability to reflect the noise is also poor. And the flexibility of the wood is good, can reduce the buffer force. So if the cost of home decoration is sufficient, may wish to consider the use of wood furniture.

Soundproofing decoration Note: cloth multi-purpose

The Soundproofing of the fabric is the best of the decorative materials used, and the price of the fabric is also very cheap. The family can decorate the cloth as much as possible to use points.

Soundproofing Note: soft light

In fact, bright light can improve people's energy and activity energy, but also improve the human's senses, people are particularly sensitive to noise. So in the interior of the various lighting, decorative materials need to pay attention to light and soft.