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Soundproofing A Metal Material With A Certain Weight And Rigidity

Jul 17, 2017

The Soundproofings effectively solve the air noise problem.

Acoustic enclosures are a lot of equipment necessary for the production workshop, is our company perennial for the production of the market, providing key equipment, on the existence of the sound barrier, hope you simply understand the following.

Air noise treatment: air sound treatment Air sound insulation in the water pump noise control is relatively easy, the water generated by the general noise of the pump does not exceed 85dB (A), and the pump room and the residents at least a floor interval. General 120mm cast-in-place concrete air sound insulation volume is greater than 52dB, the isolated air pump sound is quite favorable. But now the residents of the indoor environment of the residents have more stringent requirements, so if the pump room and the residents only separated by a layer of the distance from the floor, the need for special treatment of sound insulation, commonly used methods are added sound enclosures, sound insulation Ceiling, indoor plus sound and so on.

The Soundproofing can effectively block the noise of the rumor, reduce the impact of noise on the environment, but will give maintenance, monitoring, piping layout and other inconvenience, and is not conducive to the cover device cooling, and sometimes need ventilation to cool the hood air.

The enclosure is made of a layer of impermeable metal material with a certain weight and rigidity. It is usually covered with a 2 to 3 mm thick steel plate. Damping layer commonly used asphalt damping rubber impregnated fiber fabric or fiber material (with asphalt dip sack cloth, glass cloth, felt or asbestos, etc.), and some te damping pulp.

The additional damping layer is to avoid the occurrence of plate anastomosis and low frequency resonance of the plate. Shell can also be made of wood or plastic plate, light insulation structure can be made of aluminum. Requires a high Soundproofing can be made of double-shell, the inner layer is thinner than the outer layer; two layers of spacing is generally 6 to 10 cm, filled with porous sound-absorbing material. The inner side of the cover is attached with sound absorbing material to absorb the sound and reduce the noise in the cavity. In this layer of sound-absorbing material covered with a layer of perforated panel, the perforated area of about 20 to 30% of the area of the face.

Between the hood and the machine, the cover and the foundation, usually filled with a rubber pad to prevent the transmission of vibration. Can open the door and observe the hole, to seal well. For equipment that requires heat dissipation, leave the necessary ventilation ducts on the enclosure. This pipe has a muffler structure, or a muffler. In the design of acoustic enclosures, pay attention to meet the requirements of the process and maintenance, and sometimes to take to prevent oil, dust and corrosion and other measures.

When the noise hood is designed, the following four requirements are put forward:

(1) The enclosure of the enclosure shall have sufficient sound insulation to cut off the sound of the air and reduce the noise in the enclosure and prevent the transmission of solid sound.

(2) as far as possible to reduce the hole in the hood; for the necessary openings, the opening area should be as small as possible; in the cover wall components at the junction of the gap, to take sealing measures to reduce leakage. The holes and crevices of the sound insulation cover have a significant effect on the noise reduction effect, especially the high frequency noise, the leakage area of 10%, 1%, 0.1% of the Soundproofing of the zui large noise reduction were 10,20,30 dB

(3) due to the sound source inside the machine equipment, heat, may lead to the temperature inside the hood, which should take appropriate ventilation and cooling measures.

(4) to consider the sound source machinery and equipment operation, easy maintenance requirements. For example, set the access door, observation window, hand hole, movable cover or movable, can be assembled shell, in order to approach the machine, observe the operation of the machine and operation and maintenance.

Only a well-designed fully enclosed enclosure, and the use of vibration-proof support installation, no holes or holes to install the muffler, the use of appropriate sealed acoustic doors, in order to obtain the desired noise reduction.