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Sound-absorbing Materials Can Have Sound-absorbing Effect?

Dec 23, 2016

Recently, a customer asked to: sound-absorbing materials can have sound-absorbing effect? On this issue, polyester fiber experts and give you the following analysis;

Porous sound absorbing materials in your decoration structures placed in plywood or gypsum board and other Board behind the sound-absorbing material for this is not to sound-absorbing effect. Because absorption of porous material is critical for sound waves into the material, which causes the sound to be in front of sound-absorbing materials reflect back plate can not enter inside the material, so you can't play a role in sound absorption. If the front plate is thin, plate cavity is larger, can be used as sheet sound-absorbing structure. At this time, if the cavity filled with porous sound absorbing materials, you can increase the width of structure acoustic band, but porous sound absorbing material can only play a supporting role, is not the primary role in sound absorption effect cannot be compared with sound-absorbing material is exposed to the sound.