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Quilts Are Widely Specified Green Polyester Fiber Applications

Dec 23, 2016

Environmentally friendly polyester fiber cotton to replace glass fibre cotton sponges and other harmful and rock sound-absorbing materials and the development of new products, 100% polyester fiber, is the closest to natural and harmless to the environment pollution-free and efficient sound-absorbing material. Environmental poly fat fiber by special process processing and into, it and traditional of sucking sound material maximum of difference is environmental harmless, sucking sound capacity strong, products no any odor, on human harmless (not itch), and thickness uniform, and sucking sound, and feel soft, and surface flat, and aspect strong good, its sucking sound effect good, is noise governance engineering in the sucking sound material of best select. In Europe and the United States full use of environmental protection sound-absorbing cotton.

Sucking sound principle is: due to polyester fiber sucking sound cotton is through special of process manufacturing, by Super fine of polyester fiber composition, has stereo mesh more hole structure, fiber average fine degrees can up 1-2 Micron following, these advantage gives polyester fiber sucking sound cotton has more of mutual connection of pore, in friction loss, role Xia, its sound can was into into heat to will voice was effective of be inhibit, also makes polyester fiber sucking sound cotton has has than existing of glass fiber cotton, and rock cotton, material better of sucking sound performance.