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Polyester Fiber Sound Absorbing Panels How To Install It?

Dec 23, 2016
Before you install the polyester fiber, first base the whole wall clean, smooth, nonporous substrates to use transparent adhesive tape the cracks at the seams stick real

1, polyester fiber sound absorbing panels when installing first row of panels, at the construction site will be arranged sound-absorbing panels, the adjustment

2, mechanical or manual can, hand-cut to choose hard on foot, the tool using imported artwork knife, cutting board smooth, tidy

3, down sides, if you want to make a shape or chamfer, we exclusively with chamfering tools, large, medium and small beveled edge, can satisfy different aesthetic perspective

4, and installation, construction main to sticky posted mainly, has spray rubber, and hot melt rubber, and white rubber, and glass rubber,, different of end of surface base material using different of glue, if with white rubber to auxiliary to gun nail, flat cement wall surface directly construction, with spray rubber province Shi, and province material, recommends only in construction base surface Shang brush rubber, "single brush rubber", also can using layering process installation

Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels:

Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels apply to the Opera House, a theater, Studio, Studio, Studio, audition room, TV, radio, Business Office, multi-purpose hall, conference room, Hall, concert hall, an auditorium, gymnasium, recreation, hotels, KTV,BAND room, Villa or home life, such as places of acoustic requirements more stringent.