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Polyester Fiber Sound Absorbing Panels Can Prevent Household Noise

Dec 23, 2016

Now, more and more families are buying and living new homes later find the noise pollution problem, and difficult to address, become an important life and health problems. In fact, indoor noise pollution control should start buying and decorating. To share with you some tips for household noise:

1. family wall decoration can be sound treatment, under the guidance of professionals with sound-absorbing cotton and plasterboard layer wall insulation, you can also use the professional barriers.

2. the ground using wood flooring sound insulation is better, if the poor sound insulation floor slab, paving tiles should be used when the ground floated soundproofing technology, can significantly reduce the floor sound transmission. On the ground or in the channel section laying carpet can also reduce noise. Professional sound insulation materials can also be used to do special soundproofed ceiling.

3. Select good soundproof Windows. 90% external noise is coming from doors and Windows. Now more popular method is to use a hollow double glazed Windows and UPVC casement window, can isolate the noise 70%~80% and ordinary aluminum alloy single-layer glass window can only be isolated 30%~40% of noise.

4. take note of sound insulation of doors and interior doors. Select high quality fire insulation doors, can isolate noise around 30 DB. Families with children and old people, in the decoration should pay attention to interior door sound effect, reducing family affect each other.