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Polyester Fiber Sound Absorbing Panels Can Be Installed By You?

Dec 23, 2016

1. suspended ceilings-----polyester fiberboard used as Ming Ming at the ceiling, and can be cut into small pieces, t-keel lifting, construction methods and the traditional ceiling are the same.

2. dark ceilings------polyester fiber when used as a dark ceiling, adhesive or peg nailed the polyester fiber connected with the keel. PCB and panels decorated knife available, create a variety of carving skis can also be curved, convenience and style.

3. spatial acoustic------polyester fiber has the toughness and tensile strength, free clips or hanging directly connected to the edge.

4. wall construction method

(A) a reserve polyester fiberboard wall cavity after installation, you can choose to back straight-type light steel keel the keel. Additional wall on the keel of the solid wall, the polyester fiber with glue, nail or peg method and light-gauge steel connection. Good flatness, good stability.

(B) practice of directly bonded to the solid walls are as follows:

First, construction of first note palette, rows

Note a slight color difference, find the paste surface of center point, crossing the line, using brick, row of boards from the center point (preferably wear gloves to avoid contamination).

Second, cutting board

Use ruler and sharp utility knife for cutting or modification, to decrease the seams can be cut when the blade tilt inward 0.5~1mm, PCB connection, reducing the gap.

Third, paste

1, cement or wooden base: alternative to neoprene for raw materials benzene-free all-purpose glue or white glue.

2, gypsum plaster board Base: on the premise of not damp, you can choose white LaTeX or cellulose as a raw material of wallpaper glue (brushing glue should be used immediately after peg is fixed, to avoid the glue is dry, surface). On the premise of easily or may be exposed to moisture, you can choose to contact adhesive.

3, polyester fiber is a porous material, easily absorbs the glue to plug the hole, cavity and sound-absorbing function after impact. Proposed construction, can be single-sided brush gum (only in the base plate or frame brush on glue, brush glue is slightly heavier than normal). Also can be accompanied by peg reinforcement.