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How To Identify The Effect Of Flame Retardant Polyester Fiber Sound Absorbing Panels?

Dec 23, 2016

(1) after a fire-retardant polyester polyester fiber sound absorbing panels of sound-absorbing Board to the hard, some more weight. Fire-retardant property of the Board and is generally not done dealing with Board weight is no difference.

(2) high density polyester fiber sound absorbing panels. Preferred high density polyester fiber sound absorbing panels must be, what we call the Board hard to just go, the slightly more expensive relative to the cheaper boards on the market 5 Yuan per square meter, one price of the goods, this material polyester plates not only pure color, easy to pour, a lint ball, very substantial, Premium lot.

(3) processing of flame-retardant polyester fiber sound absorbing panels. Do polyester fiber sucking sound Board of flame retardant processing has many species process, process different, do out of flame retardant effect also on different, many manufacturers to improve production efficiency, reduced cost, on directly in polyester Board of surface spray a layer dissolved degrees low of fire agent, fire agent soaked not to inside, and not uniform, as long as separated Board a angle, ignition also can burn up, also, time long has, surface this layer fire agent on will volatile, fire performance natural on decrease has.