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How To Build An Enterprise Culture Background Wall Easily And Efficiently?

Apr 19, 2017

How to build an enterprise culture background wall easily and efficiently?

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The culture wall is a very important symbol for a company. Forget the old materials such as cement, wooden boards, plasterboard, printing board and the traditional plastic panels with heavy weight, pungent odor and complicated construction process and longtime waiting. We are at the best time because we have material much better than any previous stage.

The new type of polyester panels is a 100% polyester fabric, which can be made into a kind of plate engraving setting wall, based on traditional element and culture art adornment. With the carving printing technology, multi-channel processing and special processing, the craft is rigorous, exquisite process, its environmentally friendly. Featured with acoustical environment, strong color fastness, color reduction.

Product characteristics:

Sound absorption

Noise reduction

Green environmental protection

Various colors

Exquisite designs

Fully reflects the simple sense of traditional sculpture and beauty

The construction is different from traditional sculpture. The new type of panel can be stuck on the original walls with nails, stickers and glue. The process is too much easier and faster than that of the traditional ones.

It’s widely used in hotels, theme restaurant project of large murals, commercial space and household and office spaces, to build a perfect fashion space and high quality life of a modern artistic sentiment.

Customization is a trend and the market demand is buoyant. The personalized custom-made becomes a new growth point of the world economy, and shows attractive market potential. This material is a perfect up-to-date existence.

All of our Fabrics are (FR) Fire -Rated ASTM E-84 class 1 or A.

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