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How to build a good work station with polyester panels in high efficiency?

Apr 18, 2017

How to build a good work station with high efficiency?


A good working environment can stimulate high efficiency of employees and show the enterprise culture. For small company such as small scale companies and start-ups, a good work station in one big room is a best choice, with couples of desks and decoration with message. Traditionally we build the work stations with metal of wood, but it’s difficult to make as the designed creativity and shall take a lot of time to wait for the dry of colored painting and the bothersome odor. Now we have a much better solution for this. The new type of pressed-formed polyester panels can be made into any shapes and any colors and can be built very soon. No more waiting for unnecessary waste of time.

The working station can be installed in minutes and start to use immediately. The new material can also absorb the noise with good sound absorption, furthermore, the material with good performance of fireproof and anti-collision.

Here is the shape for reference.


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