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Embossed Decorative Tiles Interior Decoration, Fire, Insulation Materials

Oct 27, 2017

Embossed Decorative Tiles surface decoration method refers to the product in the production process or has been fired on the surface of the product, the processing or specifically attached to the decorative effect of the surface to enhance the added value of products, enhance the product market Competitiveness, or in order to reduce the cost of the building (no need to paint outside the wall, paste the outer decorative materials, etc.), beautify the appearance of the building to improve the durability of masonry.

Clear water wall hollow brick composite wall and the development of highly insulated insulation block represents the transition from low to high level of residential building. The thermal performance of the sandwich wall masonry formed by the grit brick and the ordinary load-bearing perforated brick masonry is very good. In the Western European countries, there is already a special name for this structure, "Double-leaf brick masonry" Literally called "double even (piece) brick masonry", popular called "sandwich brick wall". Inside and outside the two walls by the stainless steel (or other types) of the anchor connection, the structure of the safety performance is also very good. This structure is very common in Nordic use. This structure not only makes full use of the sintered water wall porous brick durability,Clear water wall decorative brick surface texture and color rich and varied, decorative features such as good, and completely eliminate the cold area during the heating period of the building "hot bridge" phenomenon And indoor condensation caused by indoor paint layer or decorative layer mildew or detachment defects. Interior decoration, fire, insulation materials, water and other issues also will be eliminated. More importantly, this structure is very significant energy-saving effect.

Embossed Decorative Tiles sandwich wall system in the building on the advantages:

1. Ceramic protection body (shell): the outer wall of the water wall decorative brick, the building provides a comprehensive protection of climate fluctuations, the building resistance to heat, cold and moisture to provide an absolutely reliable guarantee for the Protection against safety. In addition, the wall of the thermal insulation material also played a waterproof and moisture-proof role, to ensure that the thermal insulation layer of technical indicators do not reduce (such as increased moisture transmission). This exterior enclosure significantly extends the service life of the building. At the same time the weather resistance of this material is very good, in the atmospheric environment, never fade, on the contrary, in the sun, under the influence of wind and rain, its color becomes more fascinating. Has a very strong decorative effect.

2. Protection against heat: Decorated with clean water wall made of outer wall of the building, in its interior always has a comfortable temperature. During the day,Clear water wall decorative brick the facade can save heat from the outside, and at night to release the heat of the savings. Thus in the summer, the outer brick masonry prevents the house from overheating, making people feel cool (the temperature is delayed for a long time!).

3. Cold protection: winter, outdoor cold, hollow wall structure at this time to play a role in the insulation layer, the indoor heat is not easy to get outdoors. But the insulation layer of the "natural enemies" is moisture (moisture), the outer wall of the decorative wall to protect the insulation layer is not damp, outside the low temperature on the indoor temperature of the direct impact will be greatly reduced.

4. Fire protection: water wall decorative brick will not burn, because they have already been burned. In the event of a fire inside the building (such as flammable insulation materials and indoor wood structure), the outer wall of the decorative wall can effectively prevent the spread of fire.

5. Indoor climate conditions: Because the water wall decorative brick is a ceramic material, they are on the indoor space environment to provide a sense of comfort.

6. Water vapor permeability and water tightness: water vapor can penetrate the water wall decorative brick, and the brick also absorb moisture, but the brick release of moisture absorption is also very fast. So the hollow wall system in the inner wall, in any season can be kept dry, thus ensuring the comfort of the indoor environment. At the same time, the ceramic tile surface can be almost completely waterproof,Clear water wall decorative brick even during the storm can prevent water from penetrating the wall.

7. Added noise protection: sandwich wall system is a very effective barrier to noise pollution, the outer wall of the clean water wall is the first layer of protection, in the sandwich layer of the air layer and insulation layer is the second layer of isolation Body, the third layer of load-bearing porous brick is the last noise barrier, so this sandwich wall system is an effective noise barrier.

8. Sandwich wall system is the best thermal savings and heat balance system: sandwich wall system in the high quality brick provides the best heat exchange and heat balance, especially in the external walls and the inner wall of the sintered brick good heat storage performance, guaranteed The indoor comfort of the temperature.