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Art Decorations With Artistic Atmosphere, More Texture And Grade

Sep 28, 2017

Original style with a unique style, natural materials, wood, rattan, bamboo become the first choice for modern home interior decoration. As well as the Thai wood and so on pure natural material, exudes a strong natural flavor. Color to the original vine, the main colors of logs, light-colored in the visual experience of wood and soil rustic,Art Decorations coupled with natural hand-painted embellishment with, not only will not seem monotonous, but will make the baby look more artistic atmosphere, More texture and grade!

Selected Thai rainforest long section of bamboo, by hand cutting, soaked in water, natural drying, support soft bamboo strips, and then by the Thai old artists carefully woven forming, natural plant liquid glue, and then polished natural wood oil, is a roll A natural design sense of the product. Will be natural into life.

Bamboo art of pure hand-made, ingenuity,Art Decorations the traditional Thai soil color process, natural environmental protection without any smell!

Thai old teak, water resistant, refractory, corrosion resistant. Pure handmade, full of natural rustic feeling, apply to any home decoration space, any combination with. To add to your home environment to enjoy, is a rare art!

The use of traditional handmade wood carving, convex and concise feel, plant painting makes the color evenly moist, reflecting the natural style of the layering,Art Decorations superb craft texture can be interpreted to return to nature.

Thailand rare rain forest old rattan, the surface of the years by carved traces of the people, so that precipitation in the natural time, embodies the unique home and natural mood.

Iron lotus leaf ornaments, Ambilight, leaves the brilliance. Lotus leaf with indentation, looks more three-dimensional exquisite. Gold powder to reconcile the pigment lotus leaf gold, with a strong visual impact, beautiful appearance, decorative effect is very good, very elegant charm!

Home accessories can be based on the size of the room space shape, hobbies and their respective economic situation,

From the overall integrated planning decoration design,

Reflect the personality of the owner's personality.

Home accessories refers to the decoration is completed, the use of those easy to change, easy to change the location of the accessories and furniture. It broke the traditional decoration industry boundaries, crafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, floral, plants and other re-combination, the formation of a new concept.

1. The vase of home furnishings

Vase is characterized by beautiful appearance, smooth touch, and the more common traditional vase is slightly larger mouth, neck diameter fine, and then down is very full of very attractive curvature,Art Decorations the bottom line to stay, full of S type.

2. Home furnishings hand-painted porcelain

Porcelain painting process complex and difficult, porcelain is three-dimensional, is smooth, three-dimensional, vivid performance.

3. home jewelry simulation flowers

Home jewelry simulation flowers beautify the room, there are many advantages, plasticity, green. Affected by the environment is small, artificial flowers do not have to carry out photosynthesis.