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Art Decorations Make People Feel Happy

Jun 27, 2017

Art Decorations Many people think that brush the wall, get finished furniture, even if the interior design. Asia Pacific Jun told you that this idea is wrong. You should add a little sense of art for your interior space, and this is the finishing touch of interior decoration. Of course, you can also do this in the early stages of interior decoration. You can choose some sense of art with a sense of decorations, pay attention to the size of the decorations is appropriate. Eventually you will find that, in the backdrop of these decorations,Art Decorations the atmosphere of the room will be greatly changed.

 Tell you an interior decoration tips - in a space where you can choose a neutral color and then choose those colorful decorations and furniture. Such as the sofa is gray, coffee table, chairs, and pillow are color.

The red on this decorative painting is like the effect of overflowing the canvas, contrasting the dark gray-brown walls, creating an exaggerated dramatic effect.

A row of black marble decorative wall, for the room to add a sense of mystery.

White marble fireplace and the platform itself is more decorative sense. In this way, you do not have to do too much effort to do too much decoration. Add a picture of it, casually tilted on the ground.

 How to decorate the modern dining area? You may wish to choose black and white art, such as the whole wall painted a big rhino or other animals.

Directly on the wall hanging a large portrait, a simple impact.

You may be surprised - many modern living rooms are used in tribal art. Just like the black and white paintings hanging on the walls of stone.

Sometimes the interior should be a little easier. Only black and gray as the main color, with other bright decorations slightly embellished. Decorative black sofas and texture walls do not need to worry too much. A camouflage three-panel swirl art painting is enough.

Original style with a unique style, natural materials, wood, rattan, bamboo become the first choice for modern home interior decoration. As well as Thai wood and so on pure natural material, exudes a strong natural flavor. Color to the original vine, the main colors of logs,Art Decorations light-colored in the visual experience of wood and soil rustic, coupled with natural hand-painted embellishment with, not only will not seem monotonous, but will make the baby look more artistic atmosphere, More texture and grade!

Selected Thai rainforest long section of bamboo, by hand cutting, soaked in water, natural drying, support soft bamboo strips, and then by the Thai old artists carefully woven molding,Art Decorations natural plant glue glue, and then polished natural wood oil, is a roll A natural design sense of the product. Will be natural into life.

Bamboo art of pure hand-made, ingenuity, the traditional Thai soil color process, natural environmental protection without any smell!