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Art Decorations Let The Environment Look More Beautiful

Jun 05, 2017

Art Decorations gypsum products are mainly based on the requirements of interior design and processing production. Products include embossed art gypsum line angle, line board, flower angle, lamp ring, fireplace, Roman column, cylinder, square pill, hemp column, lampholders, floral and so on. In the color, you can use high-quality building plaster itself white and elegant colors, modeling can be used for the ancient, ancient for this use, the plaster can be given this traditional material to the new decorative content.

Art decorative gypsum products to high-quality building gypsum powder as the base material, together with the fiber reinforced materials, adhesives, etc., and water mixing system made into a uniform slurry, pouring in a variety of shapes, patterns, patterns of the mold, the hardening, Dry, stripped from.

(A) relief art gypsum line angle, line board, flower angle

Embossed art gypsum line angle, line board and flower angle with a smooth surface, color white and elegant, flowers and lines clear, three-dimensional sense of strong, stable size, high strength, non-toxic, fire, easy construction, etc., widely used in high-end hotels , The hotel,Art Decorations office and residential residential ceiling decoration, is a low cost, decorative effect is good, adjust the indoor humidity and fire the ideal decoration materials, can be directly attached paste plaster putty and screws for fixed installation.

Embossed art gypsum line angle pattern flower pattern, the cross-sectional shape is generally obtuse-shaped, can not be made into a corners and made of flat plate, is called relief art plaster line or straight line. Gypsum line angle on both sides (or flange) width of the two equal and unequal, wing width of a variety of sizes, generally about 120-300mm, wing thickness of about 10-30mm, usually made of strip,Art Decorations each long About 2300mm. Gypsum board pattern pattern than the line angle is simple, there are a variety of fancy varieties. Gypsum board width is generally 50-150mm, thickness of 15-25mm or so, each about 1500mm.

(B) relief art gypsum lamp ring

As a good ceiling decoration material, relief art gypsum lamp lap and lighting as a whole, showing a mutual contrast, complement each other decorative atmosphere. Gypsum lamp ring shape generally processed into a circular plate, can also be based on interior design requirements and user preferences made into oval or petal type, the diameter of 500 ~ 1800mm and so on, the thickness is generally 10 ~ 30mm. Indoor ceiling decorated with a variety of hanging lights or ceiling lamps, accompanied by relief art gypsum lamp ring, people enter a kind of elegant and wonderful decorative mood.

(C) decorative gypsum column, gypsum fireplace

Decorative gypsum column with Roman column, hemp column, cylinder, square pillars and other, the column, the lower end were accompanied by relief art plaster stigma and column base, column height and the surrounding size by the indoor layer height and area size. The column body longitudinal relief stripes,Art Decorations can be more indoor space is taller. In the interior hall, aisle, walls and other places set decorative gypsum column, both rich interior decoration level, but also gives a European decorative arts and style of enjoyment.

Decorative gypsum fireplace is added to the indoor wall of the ornamental, people exposure to a harmonious culture of Chinese and Western culture, the blend of exquisite gorgeous carving, to achieve beautiful, comfortable and practical effect.

(D) gypsum floral, wall hanging

Gypsum flower is designed according to the design pattern of the first production of the mold (soft mold), and then poured into the gypsum linen slurry molding, and then by hardening, stripping, drying made of a decorative plate, the thickness is generally 15-30mm. Gypsum flower pattern of flowers, a variety of specifications, the surface can be natural plaster white, can also be made to describe gold or ivory white,Art Decorations dark red, light yellow and so on. Used for building interior ceiling or wall decoration. Building plaster can also be made into relief wall, the surface can be painted with different colors of paint, but also the interior of the new art products.