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Art Decorations For The Interior To Add A Sense Of Mystery

Aug 16, 2017

Many people think that brush the wall, get finished furniture, even if the interior design. Asia Pacific tells you that this idea is wrong. You should add a little sense of art for your interior space, and this is the finishing touch of interior decoration. Of course, you can also do this in the early stages of interior decoration. You can choose some sense of art with a sense of Art Decorations, pay attention to the size of the Art Decorations is appropriate. Eventually you will find that, in the backdrop of these Art Decorations, the atmosphere of the room will be greatly changed.

Tell you a secret of interior decoration - in a space where you can choose a neutral color and then choose those colorful Art Decorations and furniture. Such as the sofa is gray, coffee table, chairs, and pillow are color.

The red on this decorative painting is like the effect of overflowing the canvas, contrasting the dark gray-brown walls, creating an exaggerated dramatic effect.

A row of black marble decoration wall, for the room to add a sense of mystery.

Designers in order to create a higher than the life of the posture, the use of pure and confident white, coffee color with fine and bright metal material into the space in the art of power. Exquisite metal art jewelry and elegant furniture modeling, expression of the owner of the quality of life love.

Memory every time festivals, friends and family will inevitably be happy to drink some drink, and Jiuzufan later on the ground will inevitably have some beer cover (this I believe we should be as Xiao Bian as deep experience), but Do not underestimate this little beer cover it, take a little thought it can become a work of art! And now share with you how to make beer bottles change

Into a beautiful ornament it:

First wash the lid with a towel and the like dry, and then spray the top of the bottle on their favorite color, and then paint the top of the beer cap to draw the pattern you want, will draw a pattern of beer cap With glass glue on the white paper above, and finally put the white paper inside the frame or mounted up hanging on the wall, so that an art decorative painting to complete it! And not only so,Art Decorations the beer cap can also be transformed into a blossoming small daisies!

Method is also very simple, as long as the beer bottle to start, with a hammer knocked, and then scissors scissors, such a blossoming small daisies to form it! (Can not cut into the shape of small daisies, clover and the like can do), cut after the fine wire with its fixed live, inserted in the vase or placed anywhere in the home is also a very beautiful landscape