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Art Decorations Create A Beautiful Home Environment

Jun 16, 2017

Art Decorations Lights, lighting supplies, refers to the equipment can be lit. Human ancient times with a torch lighting, and later with candles and oil lamps. In ancient times "candle" is a torch made of flammable material, used to hold the torch has been lit, called the candle; put on the ground to ignite the piles of grass and branches called Liao , Liao placed outside the door called candles, the door is called Ting Liao.

In modern times, the use of light is not just lighting, it is a kind of art ornaments!

There is a bright place, there is human civilization. Thousands of years ago, humans have learned to use the natural fire to keep warm, barbecue and lighting. Three thousand years ago, mankind began to use simple lamps carrying candles, writing civilized history. From the rough stone lamp to the bronze lamp, the ceramic lamp to the modern electric lamp, the historical change of the lamp marked the imprint of the profound times, also the microcosm of the social economy and the culture.

Light from bamboo, wood, iron, table copper, jade, silver to pottery, porcelain, reflecting the evolution and development of texture.

Art Decorations Lamps are indoor lighting appliances, in the home decoration, in addition to its practical value, the decorative function also occupies an important position. Therefore, it is both artificial lighting necessities, but also create a beautiful home environment indispensable equipment. Especially in the need for a specific atmosphere, the dual function of lamps to improve the quality of life of the family plays a decisive role.

People in the home life, there are work, study, rest, entertainment and other different requirements, so the light, color, shape, quality requirements are also different, the use of lamps are not the same. Now the lamps and lanterns with the development of new technologies, new materials and ever-changing, really is ever-changing, many colors. According to their location can be divided into the following categories.

Ceiling lighting

1, chandelier

(1) rod chandelier is a dot-line combination of lamps, boom length of the points, long boom rod and lamp highlights the point line contrast, giving a sense of tall and straight; short rod is highlighted the shape and texture of the lamp itself ;

(2) chain chandelier, is replaced by a straight chain for the spreader, this lamp highlights the entire room of the rich and luxurious;

(3) telescopic chandeliers, can be adjusted, mainly used in restaurants or other special parts.

2, dome light

(1) convex ceiling lamp, lamp with a seat plate directly installed on the ceiling;

(2) embedded ceiling, the lamp embedded in the ceiling;

(3) projection ceiling;

(4) hidden dome light, only to see the lights, and can not see the lights of the dome light, are generally light tank.

Second, the wall lamp

There are two kinds of wall lamp and cantilever lamp.

Third, the lamp

Table lamp is a kind of household appliances used in people's life lighting.

It is generally divided into two kinds, one is the column type, one is the clip type

Special lamps

Used in special parts or special purpose lamps, such as wardrobe lights, etc., in the home decoration, in fact, lighting accessories and furniture accessories are equally important, and even the lamp also plays the role of finishing touch. In talking with the designer, the early talk about not only the use of materials,Art Decorations selected style and furniture options, to remind you, while attention to lighting. However,Art Decorations how in a wide variety, mix and match, colorful lamps selected for their own lamps, made the following four recommendations:

1, whether the shape of the lamp with the entire decoration style coordination;

2, lighting specifications, size, scale and the entire space is matched;

3, lighting technology, materials, texture is conducive to increase the cultural and artistic temperament of the entire home;

4, can not blindly pursue luxury, to consider cheap.