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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Variety Of Sound-absorbing Material Fine Solutions

Dec 23, 2016

1. the fabric acoustic panels

Fabric is centrifugal glass wool acoustic panels-core material. Centrifugal glass wool as a term used broadly throughout the world of acoustic material, proved to have excellent sound absorption properties.

Fabric sound-absorbing Board is called soft packages. Yiqian of soft package to forming, with wood box forming, later process improved, directly curing border, outside package various color, and pattern of different fire grade of cloth (due to base material has is a, level fire, soft package of fire grade on and ornaments surface has is big relationship), with a, level fire cloth ornaments surface of soft package, overall can reached a, level fire effect.

Disadvantage is the need to determine in advance the soft shapes, sizes, quantity, after the processing is complete, and then delivered to the on-site installation. A longer duration, when calculating the error, clipping is not convenient. Field processing is very difficult. So when you use soft construction, bought some of the same decorative fabrics is a good way to make up for this shortcoming.

2. polyester fiber sound absorbing panels

Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels are ideal for sound absorption decoration materials. Its polyester fiber raw materials 100%, with sound-absorbing, environmental protection, fire retardant, and insulation, polyester fiber sound absorbing panels

Insulation, moisture, mildew, dust, easy cutting, parquet, simple construction, stability, resilience, independence and high price advantages, is rich in a variety of colors to choose from, you can meet the needs of different styles and levels of attracting decoration. Products are widely used in: Conference room, television, Studio, theatre, audio-visual room, Opera House, leisure and Casino, hotel, multi-function Hall, concert halls, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, auditoriums, gymnasiums, KTV, etc.

Drawback: because this is sound-absorbing panels using micro-holes and rough surface sound absorption, only has a good effect on high frequency, medium frequency of effects, sound-absorbing narrow band, relatively concentrated, resulting in uneven sound, you need to use other tools or materials to aid match.

3. metal acoustic panels

Metal sucking sound board main is in a metal Board body of end of surface clouds concave set many cone end of has a oval micro-hole of triangle Cone, and Yu metal Board body of top surface set with forming for micro-wave type surface, and Yu wave type surface Shang corresponds to oval micro-hole at above around also concave set forming triangle cone; accordingly, makes reflection of Sonic mutual collision interference and produced attenuation, while, even part Sonic will penetrating triangle cone cone end of of oval micro-hole, also will caused Sonic penetrating loss, to up more better of sucking sound and the faster of group set effect. The perfect combination of the ideas of modern architecture with "green environmental protection sound-absorbing, durable, beautiful, strong, good sound insulation, installation and easy to use" the advantages of widely used in studios, theatres, function rooms, meeting rooms, music halls, classrooms and other public places.

The disadvantages are: expensive, prone to resonances.