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Wooden sound-absorbing panels which usually features

Dec 23, 2016

Wooden sound-absorbing Board is usually poplar wood fiber as raw material, combined with unique mineral-cement mixture, using the contact handling process, in the context of high temperature, high pressure formed into, Woody sound-absorbing panels usually have a good effect of attraction, here in detail about wooden introduction of sound-absorbing Board.

1, unique look and sound good

Wooden sound-absorbing panels have the effect of attracting good and unique appearance, usually with a silky texture on the surface, can give people a feeling of the original rough, contented people return to natural philosophy. Surface finishing spray color and printing, spraying can be up to six times. Sound absorption up to 1.00.

Structure of 2, the knot

Wooden sound-absorbing panels often have seed and cadenced, shock resistant and can withstand when used at the gym basketball, football and volleyball repeated impact without cracking or breakage.

3, the installation of a simple

Wooden sound-absorbing Board is usually easy to cut and install it by simple, General Woodworking Tools.

4, antibacterial moisture 25mm plate can be used in the context of 85% humidity, including outdoor and the swimming pool, but except where there is direct contact with water.

5, energy saving, long life wooden sound-absorbing panels, mainly due to wood processing, and thermal conductivity as low as 0.07, has a strong thermal insulation performance. Durable, long life, can be customized according to the needs. 6, function of burning test burning at GB8624B1 level. Formaldehyde discharge quantity and grade: 0.1E1 level.