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Wood wool acoustic panels played a role in the home theater

Dec 23, 2016

No matter what you need is sound-absorbing walls, ceilings, roof, wood-wool acoustic panels can provide you with satisfaction your absorb noise can probably trim panel. Wood wool acoustic panels by the growth in the jungle of poplar wood fiber material, combined with unique inorganic cement, accept the manipulation process, made in high temperature and high pressure conditions. It is a kind of thermal insulation and sound absorption results of good product. Accept natural color or paint can rise to excellent results.

This product on any interior decoration and most of the exterior decoration is economical and practical. Good product serves as a time to hone. Today, the popular plans tend to link the same, satisfied with huge sound absorption and sound insulation necessary, we opened a new product, wood wool acoustic panels compared to other materials, rise to difference remarkable results, unique performance characteristics.

Wood wool acoustic panels the appearance of textures and an elegant texture and unique chewing, substantial interpretation of the designer's ideas and concepts. This product combines the strengths of wood and cement: light as wood, as hard as a cement, with sound-absorbing, and combat, fire, moisture, mold, and other functions, can be applied throughout the stadium, cinemas, theaters, meeting rooms, churches, factories, schools, library, swimming pool and other services.