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Wood wool acoustic panels installation method

Dec 23, 2016

1, wall installation

① wood joist in the case of wood joist, wood wool board side of the 25mm angle nails common nails on the wooden keel, keel plates front gun nails in the wood can be.

II light-gauge steel storeys high or fire-resistant level is higher, may not allow the use of wood joist, the construction of small pieces of wood with a self tapping screw gasket fixed on the light-gauge steel, and then fixed in the wood is sound-absorbing Board, specific construction method as above, and if installed directly on the light steel frame and it does using the self-tapping screws.

If there is no keel when mounted directly on the wall, you can use super glue paste, possible gun nail surface scattering. Wood based materials you can use white glue and nail gun.

2, wood-wool acoustic ceiling installation

① ordinary out, half joist installation with mineral wool boards, keel select notice board size (typically 600x1200mm or 600x600mm) associated with it, hanging bar keel slightly densely than ordinary plasterboard.

II for wood joist at the top of wood joist installation installation with wall surface.

③ the top for light steel frame using self-tapping screws fixed to the keel plate, should be before the spray color repair nail holes with PuTTY.