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Wood characteristics of acoustic panels

Dec 23, 2016

Wooden sound-absorbing Board is based on acoustic principles and processed, both decorated their own decoration effects and good sound absorption properties, and light weight, the same type, strength, appearance, color, elegant, good decoration effect, graphic sense, cumbersome Assembly features, is the preferred use, high-end interior materials at home and abroad.

Wooden sound-absorbing Board is a variety of materials based on acoustic principles, rationally, with excellent sound-absorbing properties of noise, high frequency sound-absorbing effect is a plus.

Wooden sound-absorbing Board all the information fit nation environmental protection norms, low content of formaldehyde, fire rating to B1 level. Wooden sound-absorbing panels in both natural wood textures, natural simplicity; crisp bright also has a modern beat style, excellent products of decorative, decorated with natural wood may be based on demand, pattern, and other decorative effects, provides a good visual enjoyment.

Wooden sound-absorbing Board changed the traditional building materials the extensive consumer, using automatic computer control equipment, wide range of standardized consumer, consumption can progress, can guarantee the quality of our products.

Wooden sound-absorbing panels standardized modules, slots, the keel structure, device is cumbersome, and quick. Applicable to both claims are wood d├ęcor and warm effect, and acoustic venues, such as theaters, concert halls, multi-function Hall, a hospital, schools, computer rooms, libraries, and other public building within the interior ceiling and wall decoration in order to improve the sound quality, improve voice clarity.