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We Support you all the Way

Feb 21, 2017

We make sure that customers who visit us receive best-in-quality and high performing Soundproofing materials that ideally suit their application requirements. But in order to ensure that our customers obtain appropriate noise control materials, we guide them all the way to get the ideal option from our product range. You’ll get clear, practical information and advice about using these sound reduction acoustical products. We can even tell you about other common and inexpensive everyday Soundproofing materials for sound-proofing and noise control that really works. Moreover, we advise you for free on how to keep costs low by using some common everyday soundproofing techniques and materials.

Suzhou Kingbeatles Acoustics Technology Co.,Ltd (KAT)With deep cooperation with colleges, KAT has provided products, solutions and overall constructions in allover China and the customers from Korea, Japan, EU, Australia and North America.

The superior technology and product is polyester High Density Fiber (HDF) series, Acoustics Panels , Ornaments and Soundproofing , including panel and its further processed derivatives.

More information on Soundproofinghttp://www.fireproofmaterialchina.com/soundproofing/