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Use of sound-absorbing Board solved noise measures

Dec 23, 2016

Generally speaking, listening room noise is extraneous noise, external interference noise includes noise (traffic and voice), noise from other rooms in the building, and the noise of the air conditioning system. In order to reduce the noise, the listening room should be selected in a quiet environment, should try to reduce interference between rooms.

Incoming noise interior there are two main ways. One is the transmission of sound waves via walls House, then in the air medium to room noise, as well as door and window gaps, air-conditioning piping air holes for incoming noise; the other is vibration and noise, and solid cohesion of the other buildings on the building itself, was shock and vibration, and converge along the solid spread to the noise in the room.

Sound insulation measures must be targeted, for sound transmission ways to stop isolated projects are often referred to as "noise" project, the "sound" stop isolating works, often called "isolation" projects, often referred to as sound insulation. The heavier sound insulation material is usually used (density), the thicker the better designed for double doors, walls and other effects are better, more sound insulation measures often used include the following:

1, walls: walls should be thick and heavy construction to improve air talent. If so, to set the double walls. When setting up a sound-absorbing Board on the inside of the wall, and walls a certain interval, essence is also double wall nature.

2, ceiling and carpet: If the listening room located in the central building, upstairs, downstairs the noise through the ceiling and the floor into the listening room. To reduce the sound through these channels incoming Interior, ceiling can be set, to isolate the noise came from the sky, laying flooring, to isolate the noise coming from the air.

3, door and window frames, piping: the ability to paste in the door, the window seam sealing, which is one of the most simple sound solutions.

4, doors and Windows: setting up acoustic Windows and doors is the key to noise reduction. Transmission loss of door depends on its weight, hardness and density. General sound transmission loss of wooden doors for 14-18dB, increase the weight and thickness of the door, sound transmission loss of progress. If set double doors, fill the sound-absorbing material in the Middle, can significantly advance sound-absorbing effect. If conditions allow, home theater room window can be set to two, and three-layer glass, thicker glass as possible, converge with special rubber strips between the glass and the frame, sealed with elastic and Manpower, good sound insulation performance of sound insulation window to 24cm brick wall effect.