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Polyester fiber sound absorbing acoustic properties

Dec 23, 2016

Sound-absorbing properties

Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels and other sound-absorbing characteristics of porous material similar to the sound absorption coefficient increased with increasing frequency, high frequency sound absorption coefficient is large, its blank on the back cavity and that it constitutes a space of sound-absorbing body can greatly improve the acoustic properties of the material. Noise reduction coefficient in the 0.8~1.10 or so, broad-band high performance sound-absorbing body.

Physical and mechanical properties

Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels with acoustic insulation properties, and even material solid, elastic, toughness, wear resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance, easy to cut and plate large (9x1220x2440 mm)

Good effect

Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels are more than 10 kinds of colors, can be combined into a variety of patterns. Surface shape of flat, square (Mosaic), wide bars, strips. Plate can be bent into a curved shape. Shape design can make indoor more flexible and productive. Or even art of computer-copy polyester fiber sound absorbing panels.

Fire performance

Theaters, dance halls, an auditorium, a multi-purpose hall, a stadium and other public gathering places for the fire performance of sound-absorbing material is essential. Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels by the national testing center for fire testing of parameters, the results show that has good fire performance, meeting the national standard GB8624B1-level requirements.