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Noise Barrier Background Wall Fabric Acoustic Panel

Mar 23, 2018

Noise Barrier Background Wall Fabric Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Panel Type: Fabric Acoustic Panel

Fireproof Grade: B1

Edge: Customize

Color: Customize

Application: School,Office,Ect

Thinkness: 25/ 50mm

Type: Acoustic Panels

Surface Finishing: Fabric

Core Material: Fiberglass

Product name:noise barrier background wall fabric acoustic panel


Fabric acoustic panel is flexible material for interior decoration. Its texture are soft, as well as the colors, so it can soften the overall atmosphere of the space, its deep depth also can upgrade the household. Besides goodlooking, it also has a flame retardant, sound-absorbing, sound insulation, moistureproof, mouldproof, antibacterial, waterproof, prevent oil, dustproof, anti-fouling, anti-static and anti-collision function. In the past, fabric acoustic panel mostly used in high-grade hotels, clubs, KTV and other places. Now, however, more and more high-grade residential, commercial housing, villas and terrace house use fabric acoustic panels for decoration.


1,sound absorption property

Excellent sound absorption effect on intermediate frequency sound and low frequency

2,physical property

fabric acoustic panel is sound-absorption, thermal-insulating, elastic, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, hard to tear.

3,decorative property

fabric acoustic panel has excellent decorative effect. We offer you more than 100 colors and patterns for choice.

4,fireproof property

Public places like theaters, dance halls, Auditorium, multi-purpose hall, gymnasium etc.