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How does acoustic panel works?

Mar 31, 2018

Acoustic panels is a fabric faced panel solution for areas where there is an echo and reverberation problem , it absorbed energy is transformed into heat and transmitted through the absorbing body. Acoustic panels are extensively used in schools, offices, restaurants, studios, community halls and meeting rooms as well as in a market , these panels are available in diff-diff fabrics colours and innovative shapes.

Composed of compressed mineral wool or foam, sound absorbing acoustic panels absorb sound waves to reduce general noise, clarify speech and limit reverberation within enclosed areas. When sound waves travel through the air and strike wall- or ceiling-mounted noise reducing panels, fiberglass fibers or foam pores vibrate, increasing friction among the pores or fibers. These vibrations quickly reach a point where enough friction is created for the conversion of sound energy to kinetic (heat) energy, which is simply the energy of an object in motion. Since kinetic energy can’t be contained, it dissipates quickly, leaving no sound waves and, naturally, no sound.

Soundproofing panels block noise from entering or exiting a room. Each soundproof panel is heavy and dense, ensuring long-lasting quality.