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High Quality High Nrc Rating Wooden Timber Acoustics Wall Panels

Feb 15, 2017

Wooden timber acoustic panel introduced the advanced production equipment, according to the principle of acoustics design and has good sound 

absorption effect, make the reverberation time reach home of the acoustical 

design standard, make the sound more clear, smooth, rich stereo feeling, 

have all kinds of optional finishes and base material, is applicable to both solid 

wood decorative effect and heat preservation requirements, there is a requirement for acoustical reverberation and all kinds of games.

Type: cut easily and shaped with standard woodworking tools as your like.

Specification: 600X600mm, 1200X1200mm, 2440×1220MM or made on your kindly request.

Thickness: 15/20/18mm

Color: real wood color or painted every color as your like.

Character:In the technology industry,The art product,Environmental protection 

Theory: It is widely used on the ceiling and wall decoration in office, home, meeting room, hotel, KTV etc.

Suzhou Kingbeatles Acoustics Technology Co.,Ltd (KAT)With deep cooperation with colleges, KAT has provided products, solutions and overall constructions in allover China and the customers from Korea, Japan, EU, Australia and North America.

The superior technology and product is polyester High Density Fiber (HDF) series, Acoustics Panels , Ornaments and Soundproofing , including panel and its further processed derivatives.

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