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Fabric acoustic panels can eliminate noise

Dec 23, 2016

In the heart of the city will inevitably be affected by noise nuisance, if the street is more affected, especially in summer nights, the noise will make it difficult for you to sleep. What to do?It would bring home fabric acoustic Panel decoration, both effective in reducing noise, but also beautify the home environment. Experiments show that the drape fabric with the tile, its sound-absorbing effect and the effect is the same, such as curtains, carpets, fabric to wall surface sound-absorbing panels has an important function, and lay the carpet, soft touch can produce feelings of comfort, you can eliminate the sound of footsteps, to rest. In the bedroom, in order to ensure peaceful environment, should be used on thick fabrics drapery curtains, reducing ambient noise. Similarly, the sofa can also play a role in the noise.

Beijing municipal construction decoration Association Zhang Qi, Deputy Secretary General of the environmental protection Committee recommended the use of straw and Venetian blinds to reduce noise. In the balcony hang some straw and straw ornaments, shade shelter, decorate the space, you can also block the noise. Many kinds of blinds, such as metals, plastics, hemp, fiber cloth, horizontal and vertical, in contrast, hemp fiber and cloth shutter noise reduction effect is more pronounced, aluminum Venetian blinds effect.