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Environmental Acoustic Insulation Foam

Apr 01, 2018

Environmental Acoustic Insulation Foam

Product advantage

High rate of sound-absorption and insulation

B1 grade of flame retardant and 250 degree melting

Compact structure, stable form, light weight and safe construction

No harm to the human, environmental and no smelling

Secondary use

When soaking, the sound-absorption function and the structure keep unchanged

And also still have high drainage

Can be cut arbitrarily

Sound-absorption theory

There are amounts of micro connected pores in the materials, and through the pores acoustic waves go deep into the materials and convert the acoustic energy to heat energy

Product application

Residence, hotel, ballroom, night club, KTV, industrial workshop, studio, Meeting room, household appliance and etc. 

Construction method

A. The walls and ceilings soundproofing construction

Cut the soundproofing cotton into the right shape, use the keels for insulation, just filled with soundproofing cotton: Or without keel stick the products to the walls and ceilings directly. 

B. The walls and ceilings sound-absorption construction

Clear up the ground, install the keels, cut the sound-absorption cottons to the purpose shape, put them to the keels, and then sealed a layer of sound-absorption material (the materials depend on your demand)