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Construction technology of sound-absorbing panels

Dec 23, 2016

, Selection board

Fiber sucking sound decorative Board is to 100% polyester fiber for raw materials, by hot forming, due to coloring silk production batch different, in light of role Xia, easy produced tiny of chromatic aberration; so, in purchase Shi as used same batch production of sucking sound board, construction Qian will sucking sound Board for row Board, adjustment chromatic aberration Hou by adjustment good of arranged order for installation (best wearing gloves so as not to pollution) construction.

Second, cutting

Sound-absorbing panels in construction need to be cut, cut steel or alloy steel is recommended as on foot (do not use wood or soft materials as on foot) to avoid stitching cracks cutting line is not straight or twisted. Stitching gaps reduce small, cutting blade tilt inward when 0.5~1mm, the interface surface slope, construction surface on which it is easy to butt in, reducing the gap.

Three selection, blades

Part by domestic art quality blade steel, blade is not sharp enough and the service life is shorter, cutting edge burrs or rough surfaces, especially in rough surfaces produced when obvious, so it's best to pick high quality blades, planing-while-can use this product.

Four, surface treatment

Base surface formation, when the cement base paste, after the base surface should first be scraped smooth, then paste the sound-absorbing Board, if you need short-cavity when installing perforated base plate can be used or installed by wood joints in order to leave the cavity. To enhance the sound-absorbing effect, cavities can be filled and sound-absorbing cotton.

Choice of five, paste, glue

First consider using glue that meet state environmental protection requirements.

Depending on the paste base you can choose different types of adhesives.

1. cement or wooden base: alternative to neoprene for raw materials benzene-free all-purpose glue or white glue.

2. gypsum board surface: on the premise of not damp, you can choose white LaTeX or cellulose as a raw material of wallpaper glue (brushing glue should be used immediately after peg is fixed, to avoid the glue is dry, surface), on the premise of easily or may be exposed to moisture, you can choose to contact adhesive. Sound-absorbing Board is a porous plate easily absorbs the glue and plugging holes, recommended construction of the single-sided brush gum (only the wall brush glue, brush glue is slightly thicker than normal). Also with a peg for reinforcement.

Liu, Yin, Yang Kok