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Aluminum foil / sound foam Easy to install compressor housing

Mar 07, 2017

The special composite material is a four-layer soundproofing composite material for construction, automotive, heavy machinery and marine industry to reduce the propagation of noise from structural propagation and airborne sources. Special composites are designed for extreme noise problems and the need for heat resistance applications. Special composite materials have a complex four-story structure, making it our high-quality sound insulation and noise composite materials. The first layer is a fiber-reinforced polyester film surface, blocking high-frequency sound, heat, tear, can be wiped clean. The second layer is thick acoustic foam, absorbing low, MID and high frequency. The third layer is a vinyl sheet that blocks sound energy. The fourth layer is a thin layer of acoustic foam that suspends the barrier from the mounting surface. The layer is structurally isolated from the barrier and improves sound insulation.

Triple noise function _ layer of mass sound, while its flexible features damp sound energy. The thicker layer of the two-layer acoustic foam is used as a sound absorber, reducing ambient reflection noise. The thinner acoustic foam layer acts as a decoupler, structurally isolating the barrier layer from the tectonic component, ultimately reducing vibration and increasing sound barrier performance.

Heat-resistant _ special composites have a fiber-reinforced polyester film facing, not only reflecting high frequencies, but also reflecting the heat back to the source.

Durable _ polyester film surface provides a clean, tear resistant surface for applications that may be in contact with oil or grease. Once pierced, the embedded fibers will prevent additional tearing or damage. The acoustic foams and barrier layers are thermally bonded to provide a stronger, more durable adhesive than conventional adhesives.

The thickness of the thin type _ special composite is 30mm. Special composite materials are used in many space-tight equipment enclosures.

Easy to install _ Sound insulation composite material has an optional "peel and paste" pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). Just peel off the silicone coated paper backing and place the product where it is needed.

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