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Acoustic Insulation Textured 3D Wall Panel for Sofa Background Decorative

Feb 15, 2017

The background walls of TV, sofa, bed head, vestibule, staircase, and children's room, study room, and kitchen etc in the home decoration could apply to this material.

Building decoration for background walls of company image projection, conference room, teahouse, all kinds of chain-store, Hotel and restaurants, kindergarten, schools can also use this material.

Public space decoration for the walls of VIP Room of stations, dock, airport, background walls of stadium, movie theater, photo-shooting house, cinema, and Television board-casting studio, government office building etc.

Product features:

1.100% green eco-friendly products;

2. No using the wood fiber, in favor of protecting the forest resource;

3. No noxious or harmful chemical materials content;

4. Hard texture with fashionable appearance;

5. Exquisite off-white paintable surface;

6. Suit for DIYprocessing;

7. Moistureproof

8. Can be painted with any color you like

Suzhou Kingbeatles Acoustics Technology Co.,Ltd (KAT)With deep cooperation with colleges, KAT has provided products, solutions and overall constructions in allover China and the customers from Korea, Japan, EU, Australia and North America.

The superior technology and product is polyester High Density Fiber (HDF) series, Acoustics Panels , Ornaments and Soundproofing , including panel and its further processed derivatives.

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