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Acoustic Foam Panels Acoustic Panel Type

Mar 23, 2018

Acoustic Foam Panels Acoustic Panel Type

Material:Foam Sponge

Usage:Wall or Pipe

Feature:Heat-resistant, Insulating, Cold-resistant

Raw Materials:Foam Cotton

Performance:Insulating Rubber Slab

Color:Black Rubber Sheet


Transport Package:Bags


wave foam sponge has features of eco-firendly,no smell,tasteless,environmental and so on.It is the ideal interior sound insulstion or sound absorbing materials.Widely used in the recording room studio,multi-media room,KTV,studio ect.

Product advantage

1.High rate acoustic absorption rate,good thermal insulation

2.Flame retardant :Grade 1

3.Melting point:50degrees

4.eco-firendly,can be recycled.

5.water resistant,strong water back row water,sound-absorbing performance is not falling,form remains the same.